Information on Disabilities

In order to raise awareness of particular disabilities among our staff, we hold 2 Awareness Days per year. On these days we issue an information leaflet for staff, called Disability Insight, to staff. Disability insight aims to raise awareness of the disabilities, how they impact on people, what barriers people experience, and how staff can support colleagues with a specific disability. They also provide staff (including those who care for a person with a disability) with information on what support services are available.

Issues Available

Issue 13(a)(a) Anxiety6th February 2020
Issue 13(b)(b) Depression6th February 2020
Issue 13(c)(c) OCD6th February 2020
Issue 17ADHD24th February 2022
Issue 7Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Conditions29th March 2017
Issue 11Autism29th July 2019
Issue 15Bipolar3rd March 2021
Issue 6Cancer27th January 2017
Issue 14Deafness and Hearing Loss14th January 2021
Issue 16Dementia14th December 2021
Issue 3Depression23rd January 2015
Issue 8Diabetes30th November 2017
Issue 9Dyslexia1st March 2018
Issue 1Epilepsy25th March 2014
Issue 12Fibromyalgia26th November 2019
Issue 4Hearing Loss and Deafness17th September 2015
Issue 5Learning Disabilities25th February 2016
Issue 10Multiple Sclerosis (MS)27th September 2018
Issue 2Sight Loss2nd October 2014