Do you want to make a difference? Is the protection of the rights, safety and dignity of patients who are research subjects important to you? Are you interested in research which benefits patients and service users? If so, then we would welcome your involvement and support in the ORECNI service at BSO.

The Business Services Organisation (BSO) seeks to appoint to full membership:

  • At least 2 Lay persons (a lay member generally is a person who is not from the health or allied health care professions. On this occasion there is a need for lay people who have never worked in the HSC or NHS)
  • 2 Experts (persons from a wide range of health, health care and allied health care professions; persons with experience in clinical pharmacology or registered pharmacists; persons with professional qualifications or experience relating to the conduct of or use of statistics in clinical trials; persons with professional experience in social work or social care or psychology and scientists.

The BSO also seeks to appoint Deputy Lay or Deputy Expert members from the range of backgrounds described above.

Please find below information to help with your application.

Advert for Expert and Lay members 2019

HSC REC Guidance Notes for Candidates 2019

HSC REC Information Pack April 2019

HSC REC Nomination Form 2019

Probity Conflicts of Interest Booklet